Nikki's Favorites from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week @ NYC part 2

Hey guys! It's Nikki here to finish up her review on the Fashion Week in February ^^.
So here we go~~.

I believe I left of here..

Nicole Miller
Left: I like the silver on black action going on here ^^. It's a really simple design - basically lines, a nice length dress, not too elaborate but not dull and plain either ^^. Don't know about the hat though..
Mid left: I like it when shirts are topped with vest like dresses and a belt. I like how she stayed with the monochrome colors here, so the colors wont take away from the design/layering. I'm not too fond of the inside black collars, I would want to see how longer white collars would go with that. And again the hat..
Mid right: This dress is like the first one, except with the really loose volumized collar, or perhaps it's a scarf? But the amount of clothing around the neck draws my attention, and the silver design peeking out from that down the lenght of the dress is really cool. I like her boots/leg warmers as well ^^.
right: I like the crumpliness of the dress XD. All her dresses' lengths are in my opinion just the right length. Not long, not too short. I like how this dress is long sleeves (or 3/4 sleeved), different from the others. I think in the winter I dig blacks and grays and silvers ^^.

Tadashi Shoji
Well.. there were quite a lot of dresses that I liked from his collection ^^
Top row:
far left: I like the shiny-ness^. and the drapy feeling. Again, the whole loose yet form fitting theme that I over use, yet I love it:). I wish the metallic color was a different one though.. it seems too subdued? compared to the design. Maybe more silver.
mid left: First thing I will say is that I'm not feeling the color choice here. but otherwise, I think it's a really interesting design. Sort of like the first one with the drapy/form fitting theme. If it were different colors (maybe even black and white) I think I would love this dress.
mid right: This one is like an extended version of the first dress, but I like the colors here better.
far right: I like the creamy color paired with the dark see-through tights. The top part looks a tiny bit messy, but i like the asymmetry/drapy/tightness XD. Her hair and eyes are pretty too XD.
Bottom row:
far left: I normally dont like purple, but something about this purple attracted my attention. I think it's because it's paired up with two different shades of purple, in ruffles. The ruffles arent too much of my thing, but I really like the way how he designed it so that the dress is just right for her body, so she doesnt seem fat while not looking like a toothpick.
mid left: again, loving the metallics here ^^. i wish the waist strap was smaller? so it doesn't go too far down. but the V-neck is a change from his previous dresses, and it showed me that this guy can work out one shoulders and v-necks XD. the ruffly skirt is nice too XD.
mid right: Now for a sleeved dress! This dress wouldnt be so interesting without the streaks of quasi-skin showing here^^. The dress's length is nice, too XD.
far right: i love the color, topped with the belt XD. but this time i wish the bet was a little more wider and came a little higher. Otherwise, the ruffles are great (i like these ruffles more than the purple dress's XD)
I guess what i like about this designer is his flowy/drapy but still shows off the body ^^.

Toni Francesc
left: I normally dont like short sleeved dresses, but this one is an exception XD. the asymmetryness, formfitting, reminds me of a sexy office lady or something XD lol.
the tights are really interesting too!
right: i love the jacket! the form of it.. reminds me of military-esque things lol. and the pants/leggings with the high boots are a great combination! To add my own personal taste, i would somehow dye the jacket black, add those black stips across the front zipper with gold buttons, and add a black strip with gold buttons on the shoulder area as well XD.

Tony Cohen
far left: the scarf! i want it! lol. I like how everything else is simple (all black, the skirt has some of its own funkiness there, but it's not too noticable) so it really draws attention towards the scarf. i can totally see office ladies in NYC wearing this...
mid left: i like the belt with the dress XD. i wish the dress was a more distinc grey color, or even creamy color to white. but the detail in the shoulder area is really cool, and adds more sexiness with the peek of the collar bone.
mid right: you know, at first glance i liked this, but after careful second looks, im not feeling it as much. especially the left hand side long drape..
far right: this is really interesting. i wish it was a little bit longer, so the top would come down to her mid thighs..

Tracy Reese
far left: apart from the ginormous scarf, i ike the small detail on her dress, with high cut boots. and sunglasses! i wish they chose a longer, not so volumized scarf than this one...
mid left: i like how she has a fine detailed coat with black sleeves or fingerless gloves from underneath. as with her skirt, i wish the tights and the skirt color were a little more distinct..
mid: the long coat with a belt reminds me of one of the Ring Ding Dong performances, where minho wore a long coat with a belt... lol. (he also did that for juliette too!) i want to see her dress inside.. I hope it's a grey dress with gold and othet metallic line designs!!
mid right: i actually like the pattern on her shirt! and this scarf is much better. the shirt reminds me of a tiger, something fierce. she's got the power! lol
far right: the ruffly skirt - are ruffles the thing now? XD. the highness of the skirt seems a little awkward, but i like how she used monochrome instead of throwing in a brown in this outfit.

Somehow my picture for VeraWang fails to work...
But what I can say is, is that I LOVE vera wang's usage of black XD. I think she is one of the best people who can work with black XD.
Like, it's not simply black. It's a fashionable black ^^.
(although I wasn't too fond of Evan Lysacek's snake outfit... lol)


Finally a designer label not of a name of a person.
far left: i put this picture in because it was the most.. unique? I can't even name what is on her hips/waist, it's probably a new clothing article of some sort. But anyhow, it left a huge impression in my mind XD. i like the cropped jacket though! nice colors with the navy blue and white zipper XD.
mid left: YELLOW! lol. i like the long jacket. i have a thing for not normal lenght jackets. if they put one of those ties around the waist, then i would love it more.
mid right: i like the boots, how they are thick at the top XD. this outfit also is a unique one that stuck in my mind, especially the mardigras-esque face mask XD. although she does resemble somewhat of a jailmate, i like the extra fabric around the neck XD.
far right: i like how she has loose fitting pants instead of tights or tight fitting pants. i also like how the scarf is tied. not too sure of the coat, but the bag and boots are nice ^^.

So hope you guys all enjoyed this! Sorry about the Vera Wang one... but if you go to the site provided there's pictures there that you can venture through XD.
These are just my opinions so they aren't in anyway professional fashion criticism/comments.

I will hopefully be back on track here... had a little hectic after effect from musical week T_T. But i do have a DBSK find I want to share with all XD XD.


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