Nikki's Favorites from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week @ NYC XD

Hey guys I'm back! Sorry that I didn't do anything for a while.. was really busy with a musical at our school, which ended up pretty well so all is good ^^.

Just wanted to shout out an apology for Maria for not being able to help her out in this harsh time. You know, without Maria this whole blog wouldn't exist!! T_T
So I'm just very glad that Maria is recieving help and is hopefully recovering well ^^.

Before we get started on this, I think I should explain my paradox taste in fashion...
I love monochromatic colors (the blacks, the whites, and the inbetween) as well as bright colors (yellow, etc.)
I like form fitting attires, but flowy.
I love simple yet complex desings.
I also like asymmetry.
I like shiny (especially metallic) but not overly sparkly/shiny things
I don't like animal print. but lately, subtle ones i can deal with ^^
I HATE fur. only very rarely do i like it.

Confused yet? XD lol.
I feel that my sense of fashion is really flexible.

Okay, so for some high class fashion... Lots of pictures so here we go!
(i divided this up into two posts... so enjoy part one!)

First is Adam. I particularly like these three designs. Going from the left, I'm loving the white long coat with simple dark tights. And the bulky scarf too. The Bulky scarf reminds me of korean fashion.... Not so sure if i'm liking the furry stuff on the arms. I like how this coat makes the model look long.
Middle picture, I like the flowy/baggy top yet with the belt it's still slim fitting. It shows off her waist and hips. I like the simplicity here.
Right: I also like how the belt accentuates her waist, but the dress itself is rather loose. Looks comfy!

Next up is Badgley Mischka.
I like the asymmetry in the left model. The fur... eh... I like the long boots too though. Wish they were a little more tighter on her legs, so her legs would be defined more.
Right: I like the shoulder drape ^^ paired with the tight pants ^^. The shoulder drape is loose, yet the actual top is quite form defining, like at the waist, whichi like as well ^^. and LOVE the button like things on the side - kind of a military esque thing? I like that ^^.

Left: Again, asymmetry, flowy yet shape defining because of the belt ^^. And i like how everything other than the dress is extremely simple, so only the dress stands out. The design on the dress is simple yet complex (sorry if it's confusing.. T_T) something that reminds me of an interior desing of a modern themed room ^^.
Right: I find this a little messy, but i do like the one line of yellow ^^ Somehow i am REALLY attracted to yellow... I like the usage of the black/white/gray stripes n the inside top too ^^

Georges Chakra
The first thing that struck me was the designer's name. Chakra. Anyone read Naruto here? Anything ring a bell? lol.
Far left: I like the metallic blue, it's shiny but not too shiny. I chose this picture because I was actually curious to see the pants...
mid left: I'm not sure if i like the top "X", but other than that I relaly like the simplicity of the dress. The pocket like things are cool too ^^. It keeps things even more simple with simple heels ^^
mid right: I like the collar and the sleeves of this dress. it's not as tight as the other one, but i like it's looseness, probably more than the blue dress. and the black gloves does match well, in my opinion. just maybe shorter. maybe as short as normal gloves.
far right:i knew something was good about this outfit, but now i'm not feeling it. maybe the weirdness of the round collar. i think that was it.

J. Mendel
Far left: i like the colors used here. really reminds me of the deep ocean, and i like oceans lol. i like how it's layered too. But in my opninon the shoulder straps could be thinner, the v cut a little higher, and the waist band tigher/the skirt part more... poofy? and the dress shorter in general.
mid left: normally slits scare me, but this slit is in a different place, that it's not bothering me as much ^^. i like how the dress scrunches up at one point near the waist, creating these folds which i like ^^ to top it off, strapless looks nice for this dress ^^
mid right: this one is basically a mini version of the mid left one, but more detailed? the top's design is really cool, all weaving in and out and such, and ofcourse the scrunch ^^. this time instead of folds, its more like... ruffles? it's a cute dress that I would actually wear if i had the money.... T_T
far right: ok. APART FROM THE FUR i like the skirt, which isn't too mini. this actually reminds me of a school girl.. with fur.. i like the gray under jacket thing paired with the black skirt ^^. and the closed toe heels to top it off ^^.

Jill Stuart
far left: ignore the hat... i like the jacket with the belt - again the whole hourglass like shape. and i actually like the olive green with it. but the neck area seems awkward... there should be more volume or no volume.. it's like right in between. the lace shoes are cool! reminds me of hyunah during change and snsd during one of their oh! performances.
mid left: LOVE THE HAT >.< and the long scarf too! and the gloves! i have a thing for winter accessories... ^^. i like the top, it reminds me of krystal from f(x). the color usage of white, black is what i like, and that design isn't too vibrant. the skirt is unique too, with the gray stripe. it looks like there's an extra layer of skirt there. but... i dont like the shirt with the skirt with the winter accessories.. the skirt works better with the winter stuff...
mid right: i like the top fo this dress? or is it a top? i normally dont like one shoulder tihngs, but this is an exception ^^. like i said way too many times, i like the thightness at the top and the loosness at the bottom ^^
far right: i like the top shirt/jacket thing. only, i think it's too big for the model, and doesnt go with the skirt. they should have a skinnier, a little shorter version of the top with skinny jeans or something... leggings... just not that skirt.

Lela Rose
far left: it reminds me of an office lady, only a fashionable one. i like it when people wear formal wear ^^. my only wish, as you may all have guessed, is a tighter waistline, to show off her hips (or maybe lack of thereof) recently i've been digging dark tights...
mid left: i like gold with white. and again, it's a one shoulder that i like. the ruffles at the shoulder is nice, and with that i think its fine with the wide shoulder strap. the dress comes above the knees, making the model (and anyone who wears anything above the knees) have skinnier longer legs. but instead of a ribbon or whatever that is, maybe a little bit fatter simple belt would have been better.
mid right: i like the neck area. an intense turtle neck, that it looks like scarves. im liking the stripes too ^^. and with the simple but rather complex top, a simple black skirt is paired up. nice XD.
far right: i put this picture in because the colors reminded me of outerspace, and when i was small i loved space and the constellations and such ^^. the dress itself.. it's okay. like the shape is nice and all, it's form defining, but something about it just doenst catch me. i think it's the hip area... like an awkward bulkyness there..


far left: i dont remember why i have this in there..... Oh! the skirt! i like the skirt ^^. but not the top. the buttons.. are okay, kinda big. but the neckline is what i dont like. and the sleeves. looks almost like a borrowed blouse from someone over 60... they should make the neckline wider and bigger, or smaller. it's like.. right in the middle..
mid left: i like thie design.. reminds me of a japanese lantern ^^ i put this in because i thought it was different, with the shoulder strap on the left shoulder instead of the right. for me, i think i like the right shoulder straps better... but the shape of thedress is nice ^^
middle: yes the jacket is nice, the top inside is okay, skirt's fine too, but the blue gloves is what caught my attention. it doesn't match, which is why i kinda like it. if only the jacket/top/skirt were fixed to match eachother...
mid right: green tights. yes. i actually like this. i like the top too, but i can't tel if it's a jacket only or a jacket with the inside the same color. it hink it's only the jacket. again, the high neck is nice ^^. just the hat or whatever you call it.. reminds me too much of paris.. nice strappy heels by the way ^^. and the fingerless gloves ^^.
far right: again, like the one with the blue gloves, something is weird with the jacket, top and skirt. (i think it's too much like.. a lamp post or something..) but i like the red lines and the yellow gloves, although not together. maybe if they made the jacket a little longer, buttoned up at the waist, the top can stay the same, and the skirt... maybe not so stiff? i like the tights though.

Monique Lhuillier
Far left: too many rufles. but i love how the top is form fitting, the bottom is looser but still you can see (or atleast imagine) her body line ^^.
mid left: i just thought that it was a really interesting idea to not have floal print, but to actually have flower 3D designs on a slim fit dress like this. (i can udnerstand for the previous one..) lhuilliere choose a good color for it, in my opinion. idk about that... ribbon? though.
mid right: i dont like the shoulder strap here, rather have like.. skinnier double straps and a not so low v-neck or even a crew cut. but what caught my attention was the gold at the edge of the dress. it's simple, yet still looks luxurious fashionable. fashionable in a quiet way ^^.
far right: GREEN. that's why i have this pic here.

hope you guys aren't exhausted already... >.<
onto part two, which is coming soon!


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