JJ Magazine!

So, from my aunt in japan, I was able to get my hands on JJ magazine featuring DBSK!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD
And usually on japanese magazines they post what clothing the "models" are wearing.. !! Mostly for these top artists, it's usually the "stylist's own clothing" hence they don't even put the brand name down, but I found some that DBSK were wearing ^^.

UNFORTUNATELY I couldnt find anything for Changmin T_T T_T T_T so sad T_T
So to compensate that, here is a collage just for Changmin ^^.

This picture comes from this site. I love how Changmin's smile never makes me grow tired of it ^^.

And, we love you Changmin!

Now, for the JJ magazine finds ^^.

Max Changmin:

He is wearing Cargo pants from Halb and a Garden of Eden necklace. The rest is the stylist's clothing.

Micky Yoochun:

He is wearing Halb's Stripy Shirt for 20,000 yen (approx. $210)(I'm pretty sure) this is from Halb's Spring Summer 2010 collection.
He is also wearing clothing of the stylist.

U-Know Yunho:

Leader is wearing Halb's Argyle pattern long cardigan in charcol grey for a reduced price of 14,000. (approx. $150). This is from Halb's Spring Summer 09 collection.
He is also wearing a necklace from Garden of Eden (Y11,550). The rest is the stylist's.

Xiah Junsu:

Junsu is wearing a V-neck from Halb. It's from their 2010 Spring Summer collection. I found a similar (possibly a fake, since it goes by the brand Halb...) here for 14,700 yen.
Junsu is also wearing a necklace from Garden of Eden. The rest is yet again the stylist's clothing.

Finally, but definately not the least,
Hero JaeJoong

Jae is wearing a Checkered shirt by Halb (which I believe is the same one from their 2010 Spring Summer collection, shown above.) He is also wearing an Iroquois X Garden of Eden collaboration necklace (rose choker) for 17,850 yen (approx. $190)
The rest is, as you may have guessed, are they stylist's clothing.

Halb, Garden of Eden and Iroquois are all japanese brands.
All the sites provided are in Japanese, except the Rakuten ones (Micky's shirt and Yunho's cardigan.) Rakuten has both english and japanese.

All scan credits go to: as tagged + baidu + sharingyoochun.net
Scan Upload credits go to: http://lovetohateme.wordpress.com/

Credits: K-World Style, JJ Magazine, Halb official online site, credits as above.

Hope you enjoyed this!

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