It's Not True

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T-ara recently done a photoshoot for Elle Girl. We also lack girl power. All my T-ara find are of Eunjung. Even though, she's my favourite member, I'm not biased. 
Presenting Qri!
Qri looks absolutely gorgeous in that Mango C'est Pas Vrai Sequin Tank. It is from Mango's Spring 2010 "C'est Pas Vrai" Collection. C'est Pas Vrai means "It's Not True" in French. I've noticed some differences in the tank, possibility of a fake? I'm 89% sure it is real, what do you think? After all, a magazine wouldn't promote fake clothing. :D right? 
Anyway, the tank is available for $64.79 at Asos.

C'est Pas Vrai Collection at Mango front.
 Now, I need some help. Remember the segment where I post some find that looks familiar and you can help by identifying if any kpop stars wore it.
Here it comes! 


If any of these things on the left looks familiar please leave a comment. :D

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