Dream Team featuring Taemin!

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A Followup to my previous SHINee post. 
Minho's jacket was not the only one I found during visit to Sapporo's Orphanage. Taemin's jacket is from Grotesk x Nike Pipe Dream Team Collection. Grotesk was inspired by 1940s - 1950s baseball in particular. The Jacket is called Nike Grotesk Colab Bomber.
It is available for both ladies and men. 
 Left is the ladies available for $95.97 at the official Nike store. On the right is for men which is available at Caliroots for 600 SEK.

Sorry everyone that I haven't really replied to emails, comments, etc. Nikki's too busy and I only have time to post finds but I have March Break next week. That mean I'll have one week off so I can focus on this.

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