Wanna Pajama Party?! - Request by Phivo

Request by Phivo - Animal PJ's and more!
For the most part, I found (and Maria found them a looong time ago too) the brand that SHINee was wearing - Their homepage also advertises it.

Here's the picture with all of them -
From Hello Baby
source: KBS
reupload: kika
credit: shakizi + shineee.net, K-World Style.

And Individual Shots -






All found at the original site - SAZAC.

Also - I Couldn't find Thunder's exact Giraffe one, but at SAZAC they sold a giraffe PJ.


As with Mir's Bear PJ, somehow all the bear PJ's that I found don;t seem to be his.

A little extra for the PJ's......


Now for the head pieces -

Joon is wearing a Taiyaki, a popular snack in Japan. It's basically like pancakes with Anko (Adzuki Bean Paste) inside. It's pretty good, when it's not mushy XD.

This I found on Rakuten, a Japanese site. There is an english version for Rakuten that ships internationally, but I couldn't find this taiyaki there T_T.
but if you do wanna check out the japanese Rakuten, go here and ask me for more info so I can help you with ordering XD.

Also another find from the same exact page, basically.
Go here.

Hope that cleared most of your misteries, Phivo!

Credits: K-World style, SAZAC, rakuten
Picture sources: SAZAC.com, shineee.net, rakuten.co.jp, allkpop., youtube

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