A New York Thing

MBC Star Dance Battle BEAST outfits were summarized by Rainbow Veins already. The jackets are from Stussy. Junhyung's cap is from Phenomenon. She did miss one thing :D Gikwang's cap is from aNYthing (A New York Thing). I always thought about posting something on them, but I never really did it. XD
Anyway the cap is called aNYthing A Polite New Yorker Cap. It is available for 38 GBP at flatspot. It's rather expensive but it's actually the cheapest buy link I could find.

aNYthing #2

I'm pretty sure everyone knows most of the jackets SHINee wore at the Everysing opening. They were very obvious and really publicized. But I wanted to find the cap Jonghyun wore. Sadly, I couldn't find any frontal images of the hat. T_T Luckily, I did find it from that little symbol on the side :D.
It is aNYthing x Neckface cap in black. It is available for $36.99 at ourflylives.

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Maria :D
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