Happy Chinese New Years and Happy Valentines Day!!!

Long time no post! It's Nikki here.
First, I have to say I'm sorry I did not update as much. There are reasons, but who cares for excuses anyway? XD

So I was just searching through this website looking for a shirt MBLAQ was wearing at the Star Dance Battle thing, when I came across a different suprising shirt, worn by maknae Taemin in the Juliette days (and on his birthday, Jul. 18!)

He is wearing FreshJive's Regency T-shirt in Red. They sell it here for W49,000, but it's a korean site.
As for international Shipping, I'm not too sure what's going on there (since the site's in korean.)

Anyway, some pictures to share ^^.

Happy Chinese New Years! Year of the Tiger!!! GRRRR

And Happy Valentines Day! <3

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shining-boy | 07181004.com | jetaeme
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