Shiny Shoes

SHINee's JoJo SHoes!
a request from Robee
091213 - Inkigayo

1 - Adidas Mid Forum Light Scarlet and White on Jonghyun : 79.99$ at Adidas originals shop
2 - Adidas Mid Forum Drawn on Onew : 79.99$ at Adidas Originals shop

1 - Adidas Top Ten Hi Oddity in Tan, Blue and Purple on Key: 49.99$ at Shoebacca
2 - Adidas Mid Forum from 2009 Color pop Pack on Taemin: currently unavailable online. if anyone knows a buy link please comment
Adidas Top Ten High Oddity on Minho : 43.99$ on

Credits: K-world Style, Adidas, shakizi

Maria :D

091212 Jojo shoes coming up
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