Shining Beast?

So more shoes from (I assume) the readers' favorite artist at this blog : SHINee.
Along with BEAST.

They both wore SPX's Street Slam series shoes (?). For SHINee, I think they were sponsoring it...(Many artists wears SPX, like 2NE1 and Big Bang.)

All (minus Dongwoon) are wearing SPX Promotion Smash in Black and White.

Taemin: SPX Street Hood in Pink-Green-Black-Sky Blue-Yellow
Minho: SPX Street Slam Hi White-Green-Red-Sky Blue
Jonghyun 1(left): SPX Street Slam Hi in White-Purple-Blue-Yellow
Jonghyun 2(center): not quite sure, but I believe SPX Street Slam Hi in White-Fuchsia-Yellow-Black
Jonghyun 3(right): Same as Taemin's
Key 1(left): SPX Street Slam Hi Black-Green-Red-Sky Blue
Key 2(center): same as Jonghyun 1(left)
Key 3(right): SPX Street Slam Hi in White-Fuchsia-Yellow Black

Get them all here.
I think it's internationall shipping?

Sorry for the LQ picture.. It was HQ on my computer.. T_T
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