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Sorry for the cliche/not-creative title.. T_T
I found some double finds (?). Or, people wearing same clothing that other artists wore.

First up is f(x)'s Victoria!
She wore the same jacket Onew wore for his Jojo performance on the Jan. 1st 2010 performance of Chu~ on Music Bank.

(yes, I am following Maria's trend of pasting up YouTube vids now... my screencaps are just too horrible! >.<) And here's Onew:

The Jacket is from Adidas, but I can't find a buy link nor a picture. I will keep searching, but if anyone knows, please comment! XD

From the same performance, Krystal is seen wearing the same shirt Victoria did at the Dec. 5th 2009 Music Core Jeju Island Special. Krystal is wearing the C1rca Peachtree t-shirt in fluorescent magenta. Unfortunately, like the fluorescent green that Victoria wore, it is out of stock. (Even at German sites and UK sites T_T)
But here's a picture of the magenta shirt. You can also buy a black version. (just go to the Victoria - C1rca post)

Next in this performance, Victoria (yet again) is seen wearing the same jacket Yoseob wore. MelodySky also spotted this. Thanks XD.
This is from Jan.03 2010 performance on Inkigayo

(There's Luna wearing her Hellz Bellz t-shirt yet again)

Last is Sulli! She is wearing the same shoes as DooJoon here.

These are the Nike RT1 High - Black/Azure - Dark Gray shoes.

Thanks to AMFandre1, AMFandre2 and hdmuzic2000 for the HD vids XD.

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MBC Music Core
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