Requests and Tips from Vanillacat, N.H., Cola

First is an LV craze. By Super Junior. Tips from Vanillacat.
These pictures are when Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong, Siwon and Leeteuk at the Incheon Airport on Jan. 8 2010. (probably for the Yamaha Fino Press Conference)

I'm pretty sure that Donghae has a passport holder.
It is Louis Vuitton's Damier Ebene Canvas Passport Cover. Buy here for OMG amout of $260. (go to men's travel accessories.)

These next ones, Eunhyuk, Siwon and Donghae again I'm pretty sure are from LV. Unfortunately, there aren't too many great quality pictures out there. So here's my guess.Eunhyuk: LV Damier Ebene Canvas Pegase 55 (rolling luggage)
Siwon: LV Monogram Canvas travel bag
Donghae: LV Damier Ebene Canvas travel bag

Thanks for the tips Vanillacat!

I also found Shindong's backpack.
It is a Sakun B-Mouth Backpack (in yellow is what I assume, or maybe it was made by customer order)
But go here to see it.

Donghae's Jacket. This was requested by Vanillacat, and Vanillacat herself along with N.H. found some sites. Unfortunately, the sites they found (and me too after searching) are from Yahoo's bidding site.

New Taiwanese brand called IMmens::Concept. It's a fairly new store, only opened about a half a year ago. More accounts of this store written by an English writer staying in Taiwan(that's my guess) here.
And if you wanted to see the bidding sites, go here for the original, and go here for google translated into english.

Once again, Thanks vanillacat, and thank you N.H.!

Lastly, a tip from Cola. From our newly debuted F.Cuz (which I have to say, I'm just a tiny bit dissapointed by Jiggy..>.<) She found some of Yejun's headphones, and requested an internationall shipping site. Unfortunately, I could not find an international shipping site (all the sites are UK) so if anyone knows of one, please tell us ^^.
Yejun here is wearing WESC's Oboe street headphones in Dandelion Yellow And WESC's Bongo Premium Headphones in Black. The black ones are a little different, the wording on Yejun's is all black whereas these ones are gold, and the little simbol on the square (?) part is is also black on Yejun's where its gold here...

Buy them here and here, respectively. (same site though.)

Thanks for the tip Cola, and hopefully we can find an international site for these. I really like this brand as well. ^^

And: some personal apologies from me to requestors who commented in the request post:

Elouise: I'm very sorry. I know you have waited very long for the two hats. As of now, I still have no luck. I assume, though, that the knitted beanie would be quicker to find (since it has a tag on it.) Thanks so much for your patience and tolerance. I will keep looking.

eelin: I know you have requested this a while back as well. Just like with Elouise's requests, I am having bad luck with the ribbed shirt. It possibly may be a korean brand, but I'm not sure. Thanks for your patience as well. I hope to find it soon.

Last but definately not least: soymilk
You have helped me so much with tips and advice, and yet I can't pay you back. Yet. I will work hard in finding taemin's jacket for all you have done for k-world style. Thanks so much. I won't give up.

I know there are many other requesters who are waiting for theirs to be found. But i had to personally tell these three, since they have been asking for quite a while, yet I couldn't respond to them. Please understand that finding requests can be very difficult only by looking at pictures, and sometimes even when you have the brand. But I would like to thank all K-World Style readers for your cooperation, and for loving our site (or at least liking). We will work hard, so please support us. Thank you.


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