Request: Cola

One of my fastest request finds!
Two things were requested by Cola, and luckily Cola provided me with some very useful information making the searching extemely easy XD. Thanks so much!

Now for the finds.
Cola first requested a hoodie with a cute pompom on the hood worn both by Yunho of DBSK and Eunhyuk of Super Junior. This is our first Eunhyuk post! XD

This Hoodie's trademark its the bit 'N' and the word 'Nuzzly' underneath it. As I expected, this top is from a Korean Brand known (I believe) as Young Gunz. The top as the site describes it (I had to translate it via Google Translator) is the Nuzzly Tiny Hood Top. I could not find an American buy link, but go here to see the Korean buy link (that is translated.) There is also wine (red) colored. They sell for 37000 won (which is roughly $33 dollars.) I'm sorry Cola, but I don't know if this site ships internationally. (I assume not... T_T)

BUT we have good news! XD

Next is actually a hoodie I myself was looking for as well. I would have been lost without Cola noting that this hoodie was from Colonize.

(Looking fine there, Onew!)
This is Colonize's MJ (Michael Jackson) Hoodie from their Fall/Winter 09 collection. RIP the king of pop. (Yes, I am a big fan XD)
Get it here for $154. VIP-Club is pretty famous for selling clothing worn by BIG BANG and 2NE1 members (I think I introduced this site before XD)
Good thing is, is that they ship world wide! So Cola, if you were to buy this hoodie (or any other clothing article from this site) you'd be in 1zone (where Singapore is XD).

Just a reminder: Maria is out for the week. And as with Requests, I will be taking the even numbered requests and Maria will be taking the odd numbered. (That is.. if I can count.. lol.) Also, some requests will take some time, others won't. It's just a matter of how much info we have on the clothing. So if your request is taking some time, please be patient. We are working to the best of our ability to find your request XD.


Credits: K-World Style, Cola, Colonize, Young Gunz, VIP- Club

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And I thought I would post my thoughts on Maria's previous post.
I just don't get why people need to change their faces they were born with. A person has this distinct face no one else has (or body part, whatever it may be) which makes that person unique from everyone else. And yet they are pressured by society to change into a figure that they want to be, but can only be from the outside? Isn't artists and actors and such supposed to be famous for their skills in singing, acting, dancing, mc-ing, entertainment etc. and not their looks? Why do people need to be pretty? Natural beauty is the most beautiful thing in the world, yet people don't appreciate it. Appearance isn't everything: it's the meaning behind it that makes natural beauty amazing.
The pressure from society must be tough: I know if I were to have that pressure, it'd be tempting to go under the knife. But those that don't get plastic surgery are ones that have the strong will to be themselves, the natural beauty they are born with, and the internal beauty that they can express to people.
Those are just my thoughts ^^.
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