More from SHINee - Robee request part 3

Robee request part 3

This is yet from another JoJo performance on Music Bank on Dec. 11 2009.

Taemin here is wearing Radii's Fall/Winter 2009 collection's Straight Jacket in Black/Red/White. (Jonghyun wore these on the Dec. 12th performance.)
Minho is wearing (in my assumption) a variation of Radii's Straight Jacket in Gold/Black/Zebra, which he also wore on Dec. 12th.

Taemin switches it up by having the left shoe with black laces and the right shoe with white laces.
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Something that was interesting was that Jonghyun and Minho were wearing the same shoes the same day. For the actual broadcasted performance, Minho wore his Black/Gold while Jonhyun wore the blue.
You can also see that Minho is probably wearing the straps for the blue radii shoes around his knee during the actual perfomance.
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Lastly for Key's and Onew's.

Key is wearing the same shoes yet again as on Dec. 12th. And, if you have already read the previous post on the Dec. 12th performance, they are nowhere to be found sold. If you know of a buy link, please let us know! XD.
The style is Radii Top 420.
For Onew's, I didn't have enough good pictures of his shoes. So this is my assumption. It's a Radii Moonwalker (shown above in black) but custome made into red.
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