More Cheap Monday... but from a New Group!!

In fact, a group that hasn't debuted yet!
Anyone heard of F.Cuz? (pronounced focus)
They are a highly anticipated group in Korea (I have to admit, I myself am excited for this group too XD)
They are a 4 unit boy band consisting of:

Jin On - Leader, 20 yrs old
Lee-U - Son of famous trot singer Sul Woon-do, 19 yrs old
Kan - 18 yrs old
Yejun - Lead Vocalist, maknae, 17 yrs old

Here are some youtube links that introduces this group

Jin On (rap)
Kan (dance)
Lee-U (singing)
Yejun (singing)

They are scheduled to debut Jan. 8th.
As of now they have two teasers for their MV, Jiggy. It's an upbeat song XD
teaser 1
teaser 2

Anyway, enough with the adversising XP.

Now for the boring cheap monday stuff.
(Seriously, me and Maria just had a talk how we must be plagued or cursed by cheap monday... lol)

For F.cuz's official Jacket photos, Lee-U was wearing a cheap monday pair of jeans.
I noticed it right away because I've seen the same ones at Karmaloop.

The only problem was, was that the ones at Karmaloop were for girls - i.e. guys will experience some hard time fitting into those skinny jeans. (go here for the Cheap Monday Tight Leather patch Jeans for Women.)

So I think I've found a men's version of the jeans. (I checked the patches, and the placement of the patches on the women's jeans match where the patches are located on Lee-U's jeans.)

Buy the men's version here.

I'm not sure about Maria, but I personally am looking foward to this group for talent (since Yejun has quite a nice voice and Kan is pretty good at dancing, and Lee-U also has a good voice.) looks (I have to admit... Kan is pretty gorgeous. but I may like Yejun better...) and fashion. They have an interesting taste in fashion (like every other artist in korea) It's an altered Big Bang.. I think..

You'll probably hear more of F.cuz from me, so stay tuned XD

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