more jojo shoes

Shinee Jojo Shoes
a request from Robee part 2
From the Dec. 12 2009 Jojo performance on Music Core.

EDIT: updated video. Thanks to dbskshineeluv!!

Jonghyun: same shoes as Taemin wore on Dec. 11 2009 Music Bank performance.
Get it here.

Minho: couldn't find exact, but very similar.
Radii Straight Jacket in Black/Gold/Zebra. Minho wears one without the Zebra print.
Get it here.

Onew's Shoes:
Radii Straight Jacket White/Silver/Red
Get the White/Silver/Red here.

Taemin's shoes, I believe are the same ones as Onew's shoes in the Dec. 13th 2009 Jojo performance in Inkigayo.

As with Key's shoes, I found out that they are indeed from Radii.
The blog with this picture said that these were from Radii.
(The style is Radii Top 42). But I can't find a buy link. If anyone knows of a buy link, please comment XD.

On the other hand, there's equally rainbow-y, colorful Radii Top 420's.
Radii Top 420 in Rainbow. Get them here for $79.95

Credits: K-World Style, Radii, Adidas

Picture sources:
MBC Music Core
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