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Going East

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I was talking with Maria if we should post a little bit of MandoStyle / Japastyle to this site...

BY THE WAY we have a SISTER SITE now!! XD
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I know this is a Korean fashion blog, but the Japanese fashion finds I found kind of relate to Kpop...
HEre's what I mean

I found stuff for the Boys over Flowers Japan drama cast.. See, it relates to kpop through Boys over Flowers Kdrama... right? lol
(It's really funny because Lee Minho is the really tall one, then the rest of the Kdrama ver. boys are relatively shorter, while for the Jdrama ver., Jun Matsumoto is short and the rest of the boys are tall lol)

Do you guys know TFP (Tokyo Friend Park)? It is a Japanese game show that features actors/artists/athletes/people who appear on TV in general, and they play games to earn either money or presents they requested. I bet you guys have seen the TFP episode with DBSK!! XD madd funny.

Anyhow, the Jdrama ver. cast appeared on TFP in August of 2008 I believe?

Here comes polyvore again~~

Inoue Mao

Inoue Mao TFP2 Outfit

Items in this set:
adidas - Superstar 2 - Basketball Shoes, $65Adidas Originals NYC Jacket, (Different color in the front, but same logo and same back) $89Adidas Originals NYC Blue White Retro Tracksuit Bottoms, (Different color) E24.99Light Blue KNOW MORE Awareness Wristbands, (Just as a substitute) $4.95Livefree. Smokefree.Orange Wristband, (Just as a substitute) $1

Matsumoto Jun

Matsumoto Jun TFP2 Outfit

Matsumoto Jun TFP2 Outfit by kworldstyle on Polyvore.com

Items in this set:
adidas Men's Pro Model - Originals Shoes, (Just a guess) $75Adidas Originals Adicolor NYC R6 Manhattan, $89Foundation Pants - Adidas, $30My TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Red Towel (Just as a substitute) $18 (I couldn't believe how hard it was to find a plain red sports towel! >.<)

Oguri Shun

Oguri Shun TFP2 Outfit

Oguri Shun TFP2 Outfit by kworldstyle on Polyvore.com

Items in this set:
adidas Men's Superstar 2 - Originals Shoes, $65Adidas Originals Adicolor NYC P6 Brooklyn, $89Foundation Pants - Adidas, $30SPEEDO Watershed Chamois Sports Towel in Pink (Just as a substitute) $14.95

Abe Tsuyoshi

Abe Tsuyoshi TFP2 Outfit

Abe Tsuyoshi TFP2 Outfit by kworldstyle on Polyvore.com

Items in this set:
Adidas Originals Adicolor NYC Y6 Queens, $89Adidas Adicolor superstar II Y6 NYC New York Queens, 69Foundation Pants - Adidas, $30SPEEDO Watershed Chamois Sports Towel in yellow , (Just as a substitute) $14.95

Matsuda Shota

Matsuda Shota TFP2 outfit

Items in this set:
adidas Men's Superstar 2 - Originals Shoes, $65SPEEDO Watershed Chamois Sports Towel - Metro Swim Shop, (As a substitute...) $14.95Adidas Originals Adicolor NYC BL6 Bronx, $89Foundation Pants - Adidas, $30

The Boys over Flowers T-Shirt came from their official website. I don't think they sell it T_T

Hope you guys liked this! Please give me feedback on the Japastyle and Polyvore XD XD


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