F.cuz Jiggy ID

Ok I have a superstition of people copying very anticipated new boybands so I put a lot of logos...

Above F.Cuz's Yejun is wearing Fruit Salad Pocket Tee Black available for 25 pounds. Here

Yejun is wearing Fruit Salad Neon Leopard Tee and Bear on Top Purple which are both 25 pounds a piece. Here for tee and Here for the cap sorry I went overboard with the logos ><

F.Cuz's Kan is wearing the same cap as Yejun but in Grey. It's called Fruit Salad Bear on Top Grey.

Note: all the items are from their Jiggy MV.

Some info on Fruit Salad. It is started by a person named Richard Forey from South West London, England.
Q.Cool okay, so how did Fruit Salad start off then?

A. Well basically we started of in a shop in Camden, London selling hand made apparel. To be honest we started off as a Nu Rave brand (for those who don’t know, Nu rave was a neon dress trend which emerged in the UK). It was an insane time, we were making all the prints by hand at home during the night, and selling them in the shop during the day. We had instant success, beyond what we could of ever imagined. We were working around the clock and I was living on an average of two hours sleep a night. We was on a constant adrenaline rush, because we was doing so well, but I knew what we had, was something that could be taken to the rest of the world. I decided to shut down the shop, and to get everything properly manufactured.

This brand has only shops in UK and is available in Footlockers across Korea.
Shipping Info-
Free UK & International Shipping for the first month
All UK orders can be expected within 1-3 days
All international orders can be expected within 7-10 days

Credits: K-world Style, Youtube for caps, Fruit Salad

Maria :D
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