Do you know the SGPT? Because Taemin Does!

Please note that credit us always.

But I have no clue what it is! XD lol.

Another Taemin find from the Jojo days. It seems like Jojo ended a while ago, but they just had their Goodbye stages...
Can't wait for their next concept (and fashion choice!)

Anyhow, here it is.

From the White Winter Love Concert Jan. 9 2010.

Taemin is wearing the Sugapoint Joy Hat in Emerald.
Unfortunately, I could only find korean buy links..
HERE for W38,000

The buy link provided... it's really cool. I recommend people surfing through it. It has to a certain extent english, so all you people who don't know how to speak korean.. it's a plus XD. I'll have a post featuring some cool things from that site (called Volume) XD

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SHINee Soompi (I believe..)

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