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BEASTly Nike's

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Back with our (now not so new) rookie boy band BEAST!!

I had an old picture of BEAST (before Yoseob's blonde hair!!) stashed in my computer, and saw that GiKwang has some intense Nike shoes on.

They're the Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High in Black and Max Orange (it looks red in the picture, but I'm pretty sure it's orange.)

Get them here for $115

I've been working on a 'present' for KWS lately... in the name of a Dance!! XD.
Since SHINee seems popular here, I'm going to upload Ring Ding Dong!!! XD and another dance too XD. Stay tuned!!! XD

Credits: K-World Style, Nike, skiptomyshoe.com

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My Computer: if you think that BEAST picture is yours, please speak up! I will credit you ASAP!

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