Some updates: I took down the Requests post since they were too many to count. So we are currently working on requests and random finds. My final exams are coming up so I can't focus too much on here. Nikki's been feeling the stress too. We are trying to relax more. Please understand.
 - I believe Nikki found the kneecaps that F.Cuz were wearing whoever requested those.
I am posting some stuff I've found long time ago.

G.O of MBLAQ in their G.o.o.d Luv MV is wearing Feltics Varisty Jacket.
Yoseob is also wearing the same jacket but I can't find where. If anyone knows feel free to live a comment.

Funny story, I was watching Maknae Idol Rebellion with MBLAQ and in the ending music song playing time I saw G.O wear the jacket XD
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Maria :D
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