Back to the Chu! Sulli and Luna

Going back to the Chu~ <3>
I found a shirt that both Sulli and Luna wore for promotions and performances.

They are both wearing Superdry's Stunt Runner tt T-Shirt.
Go here to buy for $49.98

Sulli wore this shirt for the Chu MV and the Nov. 6 First comeback stage performance.
Luna wore this shirt for Nov. 13 on Inkigayo and Dream Class. They both most likely wore it many more times.

Now for some Sulli's headphones. I guess the F.Cuz boys weren't the only ones wearing these brands!

She is wearing Wesc's Bongo Blue headphones. Get them here for $84.
Credits: K-World Style, Wesc, Superdry,, Aff(x)tion forums.

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