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Who's rockin the diamonds?

Oh, another find for SHINee!
This time, it's the one and only Onew!

I found the tee shirt he was wearing at the JoJo performance on December 20th on Inkigayo. See the diamond?

This is a 10 year tee shirt from Diamond Supply Co.I also found different color versions.

Bad news is, is that they are all sold out in american (and uk) sites :(.
Kinda good news is that I found them on Japanese sites.
Bad news is that they are more expensive.
Good news is that I can understand japanese, so if any of you want to buy it, just contact me and I can help guide you through the purchasing process ^^

Go here for the black-green (the one Onew is wearing)
Go here for the white.
Go here for the black-blue.
Go here for the black-yellow.

Credits: K-World Style, Diamond Supply Co.

Picture Sources: SBS Inkigayo
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