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Hey everyone! It's Nikki again ^^
I found this sweatshirt I was dying to find, and took me a good hour to just find a store selling it. Well, turns out that it's sold out in many places (there's a differnt color version, but it's not as cool as the one I was looking for.)
Finally I found a site for it ^^

Here we go~!

If you guys remember the Jeju Island special on December 5th on Music Core, there was a Victoria find, a Luna find, and a Krystal find by Rainbow Veins.

Well, there's a really cool hoodie Krystal is wearing.

(Sorry for the LQ pics Maria! I made this pic before you gave me access to soompi :P)

But it wasn't just Krystal who was spotted with this hoodie.


Minho-ah here is also wearing it ^^

Volcom's EA FA slim zip in Electric Yellow.
Get it either here for $72 (L size only) or here for $88.11 (S and L size)

There's also a white-black-red version.

But I perfer the green-yellow-red :P.
Get the slim zip in black here for $48.99. (XL only)

Hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday ^^.

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