More Tongues?!

Hey K-World Style readers! Nikki Imnida!!
The date here is still the 24th, but for those who live in places that is already the 25th..

And for those who don't celebrate xmas..
I wish everyone a great last week of 2009. I bet there were many ups and downs in your life, just like mine, and especially in the kpop world, but 2009 was sure a memorable year. And, 2000-2009, the new minellium, is sure to be a widely remembered decade. With a new start in 2010, I wish everyone the best of all to start out the 10's with much luck, and hope for a better year than 2009!!! (failed attempt at trying to sound nice... :P)

Back to business ^^;

I saw that Taemin had some tongue action going on during the December 11th JoJo performance on Music Bank.
No, not his actual tongue, but his shirt had a tongue that was suprisingly not the eversofamous Rolling Stones icon.
It's a rather cute shirt, in my opinion.

This shirt is designed by monry and I think the brand itself is called laFraise?

Unfortunately, it is currently out of stock :(. But if you would like to see the site for it, click here.

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