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K and W for who?!

YAY MAria is back!
AND! (if you haven't noticed already) K-World Style is under reconstruction now!!! XD
We will be working hard on making K-World Style an even better site! (Well, mostly Maria is going to work on the revamping part, and I will do the posts XD)

Anyway, has anyone seen the SBS Music Festivals 2009?!
So many good performances, and awesome clothes XD

One that I immediately knew was the MISTER performance by BEAST (Yoseob and GiKwang) and 2PM (Nichkhun and Wooyoung).
The shirts Nichkhun and Wooyoung are wearing are from American Apparel.

Nichkhun is wearing the "Kk" shirt ... for Khun I'm assuming?

And Wooyoung is wearing the "Ww" for Wooyoung XD

Both available at the American Apparel online store for $20 each.

How I found this relatively quickly and easily was because I remembered reading a post on KStyle that HyunSeung wore a "Ss" shirt. (S for SO-1 maybe?)

Thank you KStyle!!! (Go here for the Hyunseung post.)

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