Idol Generation~~

So for our 'present' Maria found quite a bit of finds from the December 25th Music Bank performance by SHINee and f(x) (there's a lot of finds from them lately!) and I found the pictures lol ^^

So here we go~~!!!!

First present for the day is:

Sulli! With her Hellz Bellz tee ^^

This shirt is the Heartbreak Tee from Hellz Bellz.

Krystal actually wore a different color version of this shirt at the Music Core Jeju Island Special. You can see that here at our friend site Rainbow Veins ^^.

Get the one Sulli is wearing here for $38
Next present is from Key! It's actually nothing new, since it's the same shirt Onew wore on the Dec. 20th Inkigayo Perfomance.

Kind of hard to see, but there's the 'Ten Years' in green ^^. Check it out here.

Third is Krystal the baby of the gang! ^^

First let me share this screen cap that I was actually successful in taking >.<

SM family!! yay ^^. The SM Ent. itself sucks, but the people within it are amazing ^^

Now for Krystal's shirt. A rather simple shirt, I should say.

Alife shirt in Green. Get it here for $35.

Last but definately not least: the baby of SHINee Taemin!
He looked like he had a great time dancing to Gee ^^
Anyway, Taemin's shirt!

He's wearing Red Dot's Diet Cake T-shirt.

Go here to buy it for E14.99

Hope everyone is having a great time ^^
Happy holidays!!

Maria & Nikki

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Picture Sources: KBS Music Bank
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