Happy New Years.

Let me leave you with a recap song remix of 2009
Let's recap since today is the last day of 2009. Tommorrow will be a new decade with new hopes and dreams...
2009 = year of the swine flu and drama ><
Let's not forget the death of many famous stars.
But let us forget all those horrible fashion mistakes...*cough cough*Lady Gaga*cough cough*
Let 2010 bring back DBSK and Jaebeom and get rid of all those pagrisms and sickness.

My worst dressed list of 2009.
I never really appreicated overly cutesy songs with overly cutesy outfits and dances...Oh! Kara. So glad you've changed :D

Fashionista or not I can't really appreicate his fashion sense. always but he did bring out great fashion trends with Heartbreak (ring necklaces :D)

T-ara omg...I swear their stylist/stylists are antis or something. Yes I know this picture is supposed to be ugly concept but wth?? Ugly concept does that really help an up and coming artist?

Then there's the recent snowman costume incident.

That's my top list for worst fashions of 2009 that and including the whole f(x) concept. Pretty much except for Victoria most of the other members seemed to have suffered a lot fashion wise. Especially Luna..T_T

Credits: A lot of these pictures were stored in my comp for a long time. >< except for the T-ara ones are from Kbites
Hope you'll party your hearts out tonight.(L)

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