Funky Feline - Find by Maria

Hey guys its Nikki ^^ (not Maria. sorry!)
Maria sent me an email a couple of days ago for me to post something for her if she couldn't post... and although she does seem to have access to this blog, it seems hard for her to post. So I thought now would be a good time to post her find ^^ (hope you don't mind Maria!)

EDIT:: This is a find from T-ara's leader, Eunjung! (Thanks for the tip, c4m0gy4l !!^^)

Maria found one of T-ara's member's jacket! (The green leopard print one.)

The jacket is from the 2009 Autum/Winter collection by Ashish.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a buy link for this jacket (too early? I'm not too aware of the fashion industry... >.<) But I found the same print dress on sale... I must say it's VERY pricey, but if you want to give it a try go here.

p.s. the price of the dress is $895!! (@[email protected])

Thanks Maria!
And I am so glad to hear that your grandmother is doing well!! That's such a relief! Now go enjoy your time there ^^

Credits: K-World Style, Ashish

(I don't know where the pictures came from, so its a disclaimer. If anyone knows where they came from please tell me and I will credit ^^)
Also if anyone knows the member's name, that woudl be great too ^^
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