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CL the Queen!

This is yet another find by Maria!!! ... and posted by Nikki...
I bet you guys miss Maria so much already! I know I do!! ^^

CL wore this tank by Alexander McQueen at the first ever Melon Music Awards.. which I have to say was quite fair and a success compared to other music awards (cough cough MAMA's cough cough.)
Although the outfits 2NE1 decided to wear this time wasn't my favorite, I have to say CL is rocking that tank top pretty well ^^

Go buy it here at a reduced price at $225. Good holiday present?? ^^ you can also get a white version of it at the same website.

Thanks again Maria!!

Credits: K-World Style, Alexander McQueen, Zappos Couture, Allkpop

Picture Sources: http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/46233
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