Tips: Nikki: Onew and Sulli

Nikki has emailed about yesterday with two tips! YAY for her :D

Item number 1: Onew's Nirvana Tee in vid for SM Global Casting
I don't like SM since the whole DBSK thing but I still support their artists!

Old Glory Nirvana Smiley Face Tee

Buy here at Amazon for 17.95$

Item number 2: f(x)'s Sulli's eyes hat lookalike from Chu~ music video
Another tip from Nikki <3

Pancoat Bigeyes Camp Cap

As many of you know, Pancoat does not have a store in N.A or an online store here...T_T

Once again thanks Nikki

Credits: Nikki, K-world Style, Pancoat, Youtube, Old Glory, Strif, Amazon

Maria :D
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