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Luna Learns Quantam Physics with Victoria and Mickey

Not literally, it was quite hard to put two different f(x) preformances together with a ok-ish title.
f(x) chu~ on Music Core.

Sorry Luna, f(x) fans and other people for the bad caps.
As you can probably see, Luna is wearing Stussy Quantam Physics Tee.

Avaliable in 5 different colours on Stussy.com

Credits: K-world Style, lonely_onee, Stussy, zozo, Kasina

Part two: f(x) on Inkigayo

Victoria's hood thingy is actual just a hood. Seriously. Just a hood that costs about 250$...O_O

This tip was sent in again by girlyacee! YAY for her!!!

Credits: Girlyacee, K-world Style, Collette, Jeremy Scott

Maria :D
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