Leadja Jay Thursday Featuring T.O.P

Yep, it's Maria here :D I bet you were hoping for Nikki...T_T Well, she's not my replacement since she's really busy. If one day she is not she can totally take over : )

This is a tip from Diana :D One of my first readers who's super loyalty affects me in one quote
"you make me feel super happy" - Ni Hao Kai Lan xD
Jaebeom's tanks was originally requested by Diana and what a coincidence that she, herself found it! xD
The tanks is by Sakun which is sadly not available in North America, South America, Africa, Europe and most of Asia.

Sakun T-Speak Speak Speak in white
available on Sakun.co.kr

Looking through Sakun I've found another thing. I first ever Big Bang find ><...T.O.P

I had saved this image from long time ago because I liked the sweater :D. Now I found the sweater!!
Sakun H-Mask Monroe in Black and White
Available for 90,000 Won?

Note: Big Bang and 2ne1 Fashions are very popular. I may not be the only one who found this sweater. Whoever else found this sweater I give full credits to them. But I insure you I did not copy anyone. Thanks.

How to identify Sakun? From something they call "TEETH OF INSTINCT"

See those teeth above? All their clothing has that logo. If you come cross something like those teeth you'll know it's Sakun.

Credits: Diana, K-world Style, Sakun

Maria :D
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