Jonghyun is a Rock and Roll Diamond

YAY Jonghyun recently has recovered from swine flu!! YAY!!! Sadly, Onew has not contracted H1N1 but we got to see Jonghyun preform on Popular Song!

cr: shakizi

The tee Jonghyun is wearing is from Diamond.
Diamond Rock and Roll T Shirt Red. It's pretty flattering right? :D
You can buy it here at flatspot for 30 GBP.
Sorry, trying to find an American link...

Stayed tuned for more Shinee fashions! and the I love Triangle tee. I found a Chinese website that had the tee but I can't understand a thing. They even had the brand in Chinese and babelfish does not work...Sad. Sorry, (insert name here cause there's two people with unprouncable names).

Credits: K-world Style, Youtube, Flatspot

Maria :D

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