Hi everyone!!!

안녕 K-world Style followers!
This is Nikki! I will be a new writer for this wonderful blog!
Hopefully I can help Maria have some rest time...

Here's a little about me..
I'm a Japanese-American living in the States absolutely in love with kpop!
My favorite artists happen to reside in the unfortunate SM entertainement.
The number one group in my heart is TVXQ, with Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, and f(x) coming in very close 2,3,4,and 5 (lol).
I love to dance, and someday wish to be on the same stages as those amazing kpop musicians! (<- will never happen lol) Anyway, here's my first post! Berry wanted to know where Ji Hyun's bag came from. Unfortunately I haven't found the bag yet, but I found her shoes!

Here's the 4 minute leader's cute picture featured in High Cut

And here are the shoes!

They are Converses, more specifically known as "This Is Not A Shoe Converse."
Surprisingly, they are sold online at Hot Topic for a reduced price of $26.98!
Take Me There!

There's also a white version with blue lettering here for E49.40.

Credits: K-World Style, Kstyle, Converse, Hot Topic

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So that's my first post on K-World Style!
Hope this you guys liked it! Comments, Advice, Criticism are love (most times... heehee)

*Nikki* (^0^)
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