Popular Brand of Kpop Stars: Pancoat

EDIT (August 11, 2010) 
Here's Pancoat's website http://www.pancoat.com/
There are a couple of links to buy Pancoat internationally. One (vip-club)and two (myshopinkorea (unknown authenticity)) 
Pancoat is no in stores in any other country but Korea. You can buy from private sellers but I don't know one.
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Pancoat is a very popular Korean brand to Kpop celebs. The clothing can be identified by two huge eyes cartoonish eyes or their logo. See pictures below.

Yo Seob is wearing Pancoat. The P is hidden.
Yoona also wears Pancoat.

4minute's leader Ji Hyun as well.
Also Ga Yoon's sneakers are Adidas.
I'm pretty sure you can all recongize when Pancoat clothing shows up.
Yo Seob's sweater PANCOAT 09 S/S POP EYES MTM. Narsha of BEG is seen wearing the same thing in the latest episode of Invicible Youth.

Credits: K-world Style, Youtube, many different Korean streetwear stores.

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