Mimi + Jonghyun = Shining Bling Bling on WKND

My first tipper!!!! WOOT HO!!! All thanks to Shining Mimi/Mimi you can locate Jonghyun's (see above) shirt!!! I really should be doing my homework and not posting this but I couldn't resist. >_<

LOOKIE! Mimi even provided us with a killer pic :D YAY for Mimi!!!!
Shirt above is WKND by Cheap Monday oversize T-shirt for Men...T_T
Good news, it's only 39$!! YAY

Mimi didn't provide us with a link...bad Mimi...Joking! Seriously I'm joking :D
SM and YG seriously both love Cheap Monday. I can almost swear most of Shinee and SNSD's colorful skinny jeans are from Cheap Monday.

Credits: Mimi, Tobi

Maria :D
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