Hyuna's Fringe Look a Likes

When 4minute first came out with Hot Issue I thought they were overrated. When Muzik came out they became one of mine favourite girl groups!! When there promo pics came out I fell in love with their fashion!
I loved Hyuna's fringe dress thing but couldn't find it anywhere.

Here's a look a like not too expensive 39.99 <3 by Rocawear HOORAY!!
Called the Femme Fringe Dress

Hyuna's dress thingy isn't excatly like this but it's the closest I can find...T_T

Etsy provides two look a like fringe necklaces and just pair it up with a long black tee for the look.

Pretty right?

Link to buy.

Credits: K-world Style, Rocawear, Etsy

Maria :D
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