Heading to the Ground with Yunho and D&G

How should I start? I LOVE DBSK! When I started this blog I knew I had to have at least one DBSK post. So...without further ado here it is!
Heading to the Ground is the simple love story between Cha Bong Goon (Jung Yunho), the man who has nothing but passion, and Kang Hae Bin (Go Ara), the girl who seemingly has everything but wants to stand on her own. There will be misunderstandings and they will bicker, but in the end love will prevail. This drama will be a heartwarming story about a young man who has three brushes with death but survives to overcome and eventually succeed.
ps. I haven't seen it yet...

In the promo pic above Yunho is wearing D&G Dolce Gabbana ~Manhattan~ Long Sleeve Top For Men- White. You would think it's easy to find since there is printing on it but no...It took me 2 hours...this is what I do for DBSK *sigh*

As you probably know D&G clothing are fairy expensive. This one is 134.99$. T_T. You can buy it
HERE. If you find another site notify me somehow. :D

For the other people in the promo pic I wasn't able to find the exact thing but heres some cheap knockoffs!
Numero 1: Go Ara
Top: Old Navy 8$~~ You must be thinking they look nothing a like but...the sleeves are puffed and the color is pretty much the same. It's just the general idea. Link 
Shorts: Delia's 14.99$~~~ Basically just the general idea also. Link
Numero 2: Lee Yoon Ji
Top: Wet Seal - 18.5$ Link

Shorts: J.Crew Total super steal!! Was: 49.5$ Now: 14.99$~~ Link

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Maria :D
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