Beg vs. Snsd~?

This used to be Cynthia's she quit because of schoolwork.
SNSD's Jessica and BEG's Miryo both appear to be wearing feather skirts. After some research I found it! I believe it is the Ostrich Feather Mini Skirt from Topshop.

Then I thought why this colour? I found a hot pink one! I mean if Sica's going to be Elle Woods put her in a hot pink one!

Also in the BEG picture above, I believe Ga-in is wearing American Apparel leggings.

Available in three different colours! YAY but...Ga-in wore the black ones.

To complete Miryo's outfit she had these super cute moon and star earrings.

I found the following

I mean how cute are they?
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Check out the vid BEG was in called Music Travel Lalala

Credit: K-world Style, Topshop, Youtube

Maria :D found it Cynthia wrote it.
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