Who: SNSD's Yuri 
Where: 141129 at Gimpo Airport headed to Beijing 
What: Belted Sleeve Oversized Peacoat from Front Row Buy here
A Pink's Eunji has also worn the same coat. Check out our post of her here.

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Image Credits: wconcept, newsen
Each store has a different name for this design so I made up the term in the title but once you see the following images you'll know what I'm talking about. Square print shirts have been around for a bit but around last season and this season is when it became popular (To the nerds out there, yes some of the prints are technically rectangles). If you ask me, it's not a bad trend since it can be printed on anything. It really depends on the content of the square, like what it says or what it has an image of. Most importantly, it depends on how it fits with the rest of the outfit. This trend is on the print/graphics side, which some people don't consider as fashion.

Reader Flyrhial Deschain asked us what belt the following two gentlemen are wearing. Even though we already posted on Taemin, we're glad she provided the BTS image for a "Who wore it better"!

  Bangtan Boys' V and SHINee's Taemin are wearing the Classic 3 Passants Belt from Saint Laurent which you can buy here, here, or here. The buylinks are of the same item, just different retailers in case there are shipping restrictions where you're located or if you have a preference.
V is wearing a mainly white outfit whereas Taemin is wearing a mainly black outfit. Who do you think wore the belt better?

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Also I just realized Taemin and Bangtan Boys both promoted songs called "Danger"... hahaha what a coincidence

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Who: A Pink's Eunji
Where: Walking around on 141205 before Music Bank rehearsal
What: Belted Sleeve Oversized Peacoat from Front Row
Buy here

Hey guys! I'm doing some quick finds all in one post. You gotta appreciate T-ara's Soyeon's quick and effortless fashion sense.

So here are three finds from her instagram!

First, we have here wearing a t-shirt from Zara's A/W 2014 collection. Unfortunately it's no longer available on their website but may still be in some stores.
First "Who wore it better" post of the year! It's been awhile. 
On the left is SISTAR's Bora posing for CeCi Magazine December 2014 issue and on the right is 4Minute's HyunA in her "RED" music video.

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They are both wearing a dress from pushBUTTON's A/W 2014 collection. Doesn't its open back have such sex appeal?


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Image Credits: Ceci Magazine, Cube Entertainment
Cleaning out the draft box and found this treasure from June 2014. I find this shirt to be so lovely, wonder why it wasn't posted earlier? It's chic with the black overlay and pop of bright colors on the sleeves. It would be cool if I had this in my closet.

Who: EXO's Suho
Where: 140611 Happy Camp
What: Blue Layered Graphic Print Shirt from Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus

Eliza and Shelley
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Quick finds: EXO's Baekhyun and Suho 
Suho at the airport 

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Image Credits: as watermarked, SSENSE

Who: EXO's D.O.
Where: 140710 Incheon Airport to Taipei
What: Lonely/Lovely Cropped Sweatshirt in white
Buy here

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Quick find: D.O

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Image Credits: as watermarked, us.wconcept
On 150115, Girls' Generation-TTS attended the 29th Golden Disk Awards. Let's check out the beautiful dresses they wore to the event!

Can you believe I've been writing for K-world Style for a year already? Where did the time go? Thanks for all your love and support!
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