The item in question is the KTZ Detachable Mask Moonstripe Print Cap.
SHINee's Key wore it on 140403 to the Airport while Block B's Zico wore it in the Jackpot MV.
It is still purchasable here.

Although i apologise in the slight unfairness with the clarity of the photos, 
that's the best screencap of Zico I've got. :(
So who do you think wore it better?
Do not take without proper credit!
Image Credits:
Meltin Smile, CJENM

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Exo's leader and 队长 Kris has his own Instagram account under Galaxy_fanfan.
I'll have to give him props for creativity with that name.

He updated yesterday showing himself wearing C/O Virgil Abloh Check Shirt and gave us a hint by hashtagging #supreme and #Offwhite. The brand is actually Off- White
So far I've only been able to find a working buylink for the shirt in Grey.

Do not take without proper credit!
Image Credits: 
off-white, galaxy_fanfan

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Last week, SNSD member Sooyoung attended the comemorative party for the reopening of RAUM's flagship store.
She was dressed in a look straight off the Isabel Marant SS14 runway.

She even posted an instagram photo with Daniel Henney.
Don't you agree she looks great?
Remember when I joined K-world Style exactly 3 months ago, my first post was on Block B wearing KTZ? Well... that hasn't really changed for their comeback song 'Jackpot'.  Here are a couple of simple finds (since I'm still new ;P).

In Block B's 'Jackpot' MV, leader Zico is wearing the Poison Embroidered Short Shirt from KTZ.

Eric Nam has been wearing statement pieces for his comeback single, "Ooh Ooh" that's been catching my eye. For this "Who wore it better?", a blazer/suit that I sadly do not know the name of has been worn by 100%'s Hyukjin at his group's 140330 Ilsan Fansign backstage, Eric Nam in his "Ooh Ooh" MV and promotional photos, and 100%'s Changbum at his group's 140412 Gimpo Airport Fansign (hmm... makes me wonder if the two 100% members shared the blazer on different days). If you happen to know the brand or have a buylink of the suit, please let me know and you will be credited!

Eliza found this one from 2pmstyle on Tumblr. Eric Nam on the left with the same outfit on as above and INFINITE's Woohyun on the right at the Cultwo Show on 140318 are both wearing the Painting Shirt from the Korean brand Creative Folks.

Shelley and Eliza

Do not take without proper credit!
Image Credits: B2M Entertainment, 100per_hyukjin@twitter, more & more,, 2pmstyle@tumblr

On our last post we talked about SNSD's appereance on 'Midnight TV' 
We also said that Krystal also wore the dress that Seohyun wore but, who wore it better?

Seohyun or Krystal

On March 5SNSD appeared on Midnight TV (the show where Sooyoung is one of the MCs) for an exclusive interview.
Let's see what Hyoyeon and Seohyun wore.

Hyoyeon wore the LIMW465R00 t-shirt from Banila B.

Who: SHINee's Jonghyun
Where: 140309 before SHINee World III concert in Seoul
What: Black Star & Stripe print sweatshirt from Givenchy
Buy it here

It's like Jonghyun's saying: Bow down to me you peasants hehe

Who: EXO's Luhan
Where: 140410 Gimpo Airport, departing for Tokyo
What: Black Race Car Print Cuban Fit t-shirt from Givenchy
Buy it here

Hey guys
 Since there are many k-pop groups out there, some of them are left behind. :(
My question is:
Which k-pop groups should we focus more on? 
Please vote in the polls below :D
(if the k-pop group you want to choose isn't in the poll please leave a comment)

Hey guys,
Remember the Givenchy sweater that Luhan wore (if not click here) well, thank to our loooooovely reader PunkyPrincess92 we found out that Jonghyun also wore the sweater on March 18 at his own radio, Blue Night
I only found a picture of Jonghyun from the back and although it isn't a fair competition, I'll still ask the question:
Who wore it better?
Luhan or Jonghyun

Who: EXO's Xiumin
Where: 140405 at Gimpo Airport (you can see what Luhan and Chen wore here)
What: Ivory & black redacted print t-shirt from Kenzo (or you may simply call it duct tape sweater hehe)
Buy it here

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