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  In one of G-Dragon's Instagram posts, he is wearing black lace-up shoes from his collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti that match his sparkly jacket. The collection consists of two styles (lace-up shoes and loafers) and two colors (black and multicolored).

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Image Credits: Instagram, bigbangupdates.com

The TVXQ duo treated fans to the album 'Rise as God' and two solo music videos before Yunho enlistment. Changmin's solo song was an EDM track called  Rise As One and Yunho's was a pop dance track named Champagne. Though Changmin only made a brief appearance in his video, Yunho was the dominate character in his.

In the thumbnail of the Champagne video, Yunho wore a suit with the pattern from Versus Versace F/W 14/15 collection.


Do not take without proper credit!
Image Credits: SM Entertainment, models.com, [email protected]

Hello everyone.

Thank you for reading our blog whether you have been here for years or just a few days.
We have been up and running for six years, can you believe it?

However, the blog is getting harder to maintain. The three current admins all have other commitments that makes daily content hard to do. Therefore, we are recruiting for new writers.

The basics requirements are:
- English
- A liking to kpop and/or kdramas
- A liking to fashion and/or beauty

Any help would be appreciated. Your content can range from: ID's, opinion pieces, get the looks, DIY's, hauls, anything beauty and honestly anything as long as it's kpop, kdrama, fashion and/or beauty related.

For more details or questions email:
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