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SISTAR's Bora is featured in the same issue as yesterday's Sulli, which is the Cosmopolitan Magazine June 2015 issue. There is a similar summer beach theme where photos were taken of Bora on a boat and a scenic beach in Okinawa, Japan. May I say she looks lovely in them!

Bora shows off her legs in the One-Piece Dunes Swimsuit from La Perla, a luxury Italian women's clothing company specializing in lingerie. "La perla" means "the pearl" in Italian.

f(x)'s Sulli flaunts herself in Cosmopolitan Magazine June 2015 issue. The theme of this shoot is lounging around on the beach in swimwear. Each photo was given a cute title by the magazine.

This one is called "Sunshine Love", where Sulli enjoys the sun in the water wearing the Tribal Geo Surf Shirt and Tabora Logo Bottom. She completes the look with the Formosa Statement Necklace. All three items are by Tory Burch.

In one of MFBTY's "Wondaland" album photo shoots, the men of the trio are wearing coats and shirt by a Korean brand called Piece Peace. Check out the lookbook of the brand here at Habstore.

A couple of K-pop fashion finds from SHINee's new MV, "View". What did you think of it?

Jonghyun is wearing the Original Vintage 1992 Guns N Roses Coma World Tour Shirt. Stylists cut off the sleeves to turn it into a muscle tee. The T-shirt is rare and vintage, so it is harder to find and will be on the pricier side. There are a couple for sale here and here.

In UNIQ's "EOEO" dance practice video, I thought Seungyeon was wearing an Inner Circle shirt but it is actually the WEST PRIME TEE in white from Nasty Palm.

Since he trained under YG Entertainment and boy group Winner is under the same label, it is possible he could be an Inner Circle. The T-shirt is pretty affordable, you can buy it here but they only ship to Korea.

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The bucket hat is from Stussy called Big Cities Bucket Hat in black. For some reason, the one that Seungyeon is wearing in the dance practice video has the tag left on XD There are several places to get it, for instance here and here.

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Image Credits: Yuehua Entertainment, nastypalm, mltd
Hello everyone!
Minju and Kemy from A.KOR have comeback as a duo in unit group 'A.KOR-Black'!
Their title song is 'How We Do' which I don't think is out yet.

(Disclaimer: I'm guessing some people might not be happy with me talking about A.KOR due to the whole controversy surrounding Kemy dissing Park Bom but this is a fashion site and not a commentary blog so I will disregard that and just launch right into the finds!^^)

In this promotional videoKemy is seen wearing a long jersey t-dress called Fast Lane by HLZBLZ. You can purchase it here (it's pretty cheap).

Boy group UNIQ had a comeback with their single "EOEO" on Inkigayo 2015042. Here are a couple of K-pop fashion finds:

Seungyeon crouched down on the left is wearing the clone print sweatshirt from KTZ's S/S 2015 collection. Buy here.

Sungjoo standing all the way on the right is wearing the mesh detail long sleeve T-shirt, also from KTZ's S/S 2015 collection. Buy here.

Everything UNIQ is wearing for this stage is also what they wore for their mini album's photo shoot.

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No Jonghyun you aren't're just different. And a good different :)

If you haven't seen my previous post, I mentioned SHINee's recent comeback album and their puzzling teaser images for 'Odd'; this peculiar concept certainly live up to its name.

For this find it's the Jonghyun edition (also because his were the easiest finds)
First we have the Rickson S/S Tee U.S.NAVY EMB'd. It comes in navy (duh) or white. You can buy it here in the Rakuten Global market.

Howdie readers! I haven't been around for a while now due to school, so it seems I have lots to catch up on! Recently SHINee released a couple of teaser images for their comeback album 'Odd'. True to the title, the concept is pretty bizarre and the styles are definitely quirky.
When I saw Minho's shirt I immediately thought: 'Xiumin wore something like this' and I went to check back on one of Shelley's recent post on 'Xiumin in Hanoi'.
Both SHINee's Minho and EXO's Xiumin are wearing the shirt from LEIGH's Spring/Summer 2015 collection.(Credits to Shelley for making the find)

SM edition: the competition between SHINee and EXO. What do you think? :)

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On SNL Korea 150509, EXID featured in a skit where I managed to recognize K-pop fashion finds for three people.

EXID's Junghwa is wearing a crop top and skirt from Stylenanda

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