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CLC released a dance version teaser of Like (궁금해) where all of the members are dancing in a very colorful set wearing very colorful, shiny clothes.

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At least two of the colorful pieces are from an Australian labeled called Di$count Univer$e. Many mainstream artists like Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Meghan Trainor wear this brand. I guess the hefty price tag is because famous celebrities are seen wearing this brand.

In the K-pop world, Yujin is wearing Cyclops Dress Silver. Buy here.
YeEun is wearing the Classic Eye Halter in Monochrome. Buy here.
Quite of few Di$count Univer$e designs have a single eye on them like Kenzo.

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Title says it all, but gotta respect Sanghoon's decision to leave 100%. He left awhile ago, but I stumbled across a sweatshirt he wore that caught my eye and imprinted into my memory. 

In boy group 100%'s 2014 calendar, Sanghoon is wearing the Multicolor Navy Peace Heart Print Sweatshirt from Christopher Shannon's diffusion line Kidda S/S 2013 collection. Chris Brown also wore this. The design is two years old so it's sold out everywhere, but you can take a closer look here.

On the 20th of March 2015, MYNAME's JunQ posted a selfie of himself in a car pouting from underneath a fedora and a dog tag around his neck. The star of the getup is the Unisex Beige Banded Sweatshirt from FREIKNOCK. You can get one at Habstore.

Great color scheme, especially with the car interior! (Although I hope the vehicle wasn't in motion when he took this picture... seat belt's not being worn and safety is important)

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CLC has released teaser images for their summer comeback. This dress was actually sent to me by my friend through Snapchat (waddup Irisa!) who went shopping. Thanks to her, I was able to make this post :D
Sorn is wearing a printed dress from Zara. Buy here.


 If you have any tips for us on a Korean celebrity or idol wearing an item, please email us at We will make a post and credit you :)


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Image Credits: Cube Entertainment, Zara
A wide leg pant showdown between SISTAR's Bora and former SNSD member Jessica! Lately in the K-pop fashion scene, wide leg pants are becoming more common. In this "who wore it better", Bora is wearing a fitted black crop top and bedazzled black sandals to go with her wide leg pants in Cosmopolitan Magazine whereas Jessica went bare on top in Beauty+ Magazine.

Howdie! I'm back again so soon :) 
I was scrolling through my feed and saw a post of f(x) Victoria's photoshoot in the beautiful Maldives for 'Marie Claire' June 2015 issue. She looks so stunning with her simple and natural look! 

I couldn't resist posting about the finds because they were so easy! Two words: Victoria, Coach.

Yeap, these finds were straight up convenient because almost all her apparels and bags are from Coach Spring 2015 Collection, and this made locating the items a breeze (get it, a breeze? hahh). I really like this collection, it has lots of cartoon characters on their printed tees and rivets seem to be a thing now :)

If you would like to check out their entire SS'15 collection, click here.

 The first picture:
In BIGBANG's performance of "Loser" on M Countdown 150514, T.O.P wore a statement jacket that has a detachable neck strap, originally attached to the hood. Its brand is Undercover and the item name is in Japanese, which I cannot read so I'll just copy and paste the item name from the online retailer: 
アンダーカバー 総柄モッズコート RED TELEVISION 12

I really like it myself, you can take a look at the jacket details here (sold out) and buy it here.

G-Dragon wore a few band tees for these kinds of performances that I have finds and buylinks for, but I don't bother posting them since they're easily searchable. If you'd still like to see them, please comment letting me know! They're actually quite affordable and I'd be happy to make a post if anyone asks ^_^

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Hello! :)
I'm back to squeeze in some finds amidst my hectic work schedule /le cries.

SISTAR's Bora is featured in the same issue as yesterday's Sulli, which is the Cosmopolitan Magazine June 2015 issue. There is a similar summer beach theme where photos were taken of Bora on a boat and a scenic beach in Okinawa, Japan. May I say she looks lovely in them!

"Sensual Dream" - Bora shows off her legs in the One-Piece Dunes Swimsuit from La Perla, a luxury Italian women's clothing company specializing in lingerie. "La perla" means "the pearl" in Italian.

f(x)'s Sulli flaunts herself in Cosmopolitan Magazine June 2015 issue. The theme of this shoot is lounging around on the beach in swimwear. Each photo was given a cute title by the magazine.

This one is called "Sunshine Love", where Sulli enjoys the sun in the water wearing the Tribal Geo Surf Shirt and Tabora Logo Bottom. She completes the look with the Formosa Statement Necklace. All three items are by Tory Burch.

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