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Rapper Kisum known from Unpretty Rapstar is back with a new song and more clothes to be noticed by us.

So first we have a dress from ANTWERP by the Korean designer Hyein Seo. Check out more about the dress here, unfortunately the dress is sold out.

This post is special because the idol photos on the left are taken by one of my friends from college. I actually came across these photos on my Facebook feed. She is a huge I GOT7 and you can follow her at for many GOT7 updates.

At the 150723 M Countdown Mini Fanmeeting with GOT7, JB is wearing the Supreme/White Castle® Oxford Shirt from Supreme's S/S 2015 collection.

Nine Muses' Minha and Sojin recently had a photo-shoot for 'CeCi' magazine in the August issue. Their outfits are the classic 'crop top + super short shorts', looking sporty and effortlessly sexy. For those of you who don't know, Sojin is a new member of the group :)

Minha's top:
Signature Logo Crop Sleeveless Top in black (comes in black and white) from DAZEDAYZ. Click here to buy.
I received a tip from one of our old writers, Eliza!! If you read K-world Style anytime from late 2012 to early 2015, you might remember her brilliant finds. She is one of the best IDers I know. Just letting those who remember her know that she's doing well!

  At SNSD's 150721 press conference for their reality show Channel SNSD, Seohyun is wearing the RASPOUTIN Crepe puffball dress from Maje. We think it's a beautiful dress :) Buylink here.

˛₍˴◅ˋ)੭✧ Shelley
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My first "Get the Look" post after being a writer here for a year and a half! I specialize in finds so I never found the need to make these kinds of posts. However, reader KARA's Goo Hara's "Choco Chip Cookies" MV and I couldn't find anything except similar-looking items so here they are!

SHINee's Key is known throughout K-POP fandoms as a diva and a fashionista, and the pictures of his clothing style that he posts on Instagram (@bumkeyk) clearly lives up to his title (:

Super Broccoli Knit Sweater by Used Future from the 2015 S/S collection (independent menswear clothing label) Click here to buy.

Reader Eva tipped us regarding a sleeveless crop top with fringe detail that Girls' Generation's Taeyeon wore throughout her group's "Party" MV and comeback concept images.
Alex had a head start on posting K-pop fashion finds from GOT7's "Just Right" MV (which also happen to be in their concept photos). A fantastic debut post as him being a writer at K-world Style, don't you think? ^_^

To continue, here are some of my own finds:

Yugyeom is wearing a 'Drink Moschino' bomber jacket from Moschino's S/S 2015 collection and the Undercoverism Tee from Undercover.

I came across this wonderful find while browsing the Internet. To me these finds are the best kind because it's not deliberate and I'm not going out of my way spending extra time to look for them.

See Also:  
Teen Top's 'Ah-Ah'
Teen Top's 'Ah-Ah' (2)

In Teen Top's "Ah-Ah" (아침부터 아침까지) MV, L.Joe is wearing the "Real" Patch Jacket in grey from a Korean brand called CRES. E DIM. Buy here.

I posted a find a while ago regarding f(x)'s Victoria clad in apparels from Coach's Spring 2015 collection at a photo-shoot for 'Marie Claire'.

On Instagram, SNSD's Sooyoung has announced that she will be (quote from her Insta description) "partnering with the fashion band COACH as one of their 'Friends' of COACH Asia project". She wore the same Bleached Denim Lacquer Rivet Jean Jacket and Skirt as Victoria, and of course we have to do a Who Wore it Better :D

(Edit: There were a few problems with the poll so I've decided to remove it. Nevertheless you can still comment and tell us whose do you prefer!)


Do not take without proper credit! 
Image Credits: SM Entertainment, Sooyoung's Instagram account: @hotsootuff, Coach, Marie Claire
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