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Any help would be appreciated. Your content can range from: ID's, opinion pieces, get the looks, DIY's, hauls, anything beauty and honestly anything as long as it's kpop, kdrama, fashion and/or beauty related.

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Anyone enjoying Unpretty Rapstar 2? To me, the show is just the right amount of drama and talent. All the girls are great. In one of the latest episodes, they did 1v1 rap battles with the exception of one group. 

Wonder Girls' Yoobin was in a group with FIESTAR's Yezi and YG trainee, Sua. The group selection process was tense.

As you can see Yoobin standing in the back looking all great and colourful. Her outfit is quite affordable. Both pieces costs less than $50.
The inner piece is by Allsaints, the Eli Co Tank ($50).
The outer piece is even cheaper. Is is the Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren Plaid RL Big Shirt ($34.99 from $89.50).

The other affordable thing lately is Taeyeon shirt ($59).

For better view:


Do not take without proper credit! 

Image Credits: Mnet,,

Hello, welcome. This post is about episode 266 of the Korean variety show airing on SBS, Running Man. The episodes features the guests: Super Junior's Eunhyuk, Im Joo Hwan and Hong Jin Young as they are separated in groups to compete in a rest stop food race. Watch it here.
A headline that comes from the episode is when Ji Suk Ji mistakes Eunhyuk for Leeteuk.
View some images before we get to the finds.

Now here's what Eunhyuk and Lee Kwang Soo are wearing in the picture above.
On Eunhyuk
Sandro Flyers Sweatshirt ($245)
On Lee Kwang Soo
Liful Doodle Sweatshirt (75,00 Won)
No watermarks this time because I cannot find a video with enough quality to screen capture. Most images are from
If you would like to watch the episode, go here and support us as well. 
Maria :D

Do not take without proper credit! 
Image Credits: SBS, Sandro, Liful,

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BoA recently made a guest appearance on the season 4 premiere of JTBC's Hidden Singer

The episode reached very high ratings for a cable show. Other guests were: SNSD's Sunny, SHINee's Key and EXO's Suho.

The dress she was wearing is by Alexander Wang. It newly arrived in stores online and called the Buffalo Plaid V-Neck Dress in red. The blue one could not be found online at the moment.
The dress is available here or here, which ever you want to click.

Blue or red?
Which colour do you like better? I like the blue one BoA is wearing better.

Maria :D

Do not take without proper credit! 
Image Credits: Korean Herald,, JTBC

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Hello everyone. The hiatus is still on. But here's something while you wait. As you know SNSD's Taeyeon has just made her solo debut with I. How exciting. However, this isn't about that. It is about their variety show on Onstyle, Channel SNSD. I have only watched episode 1 and 3 and here's something from episode 3.

It is during Taeyeon's explanation of her hobbies.

The shirt is from Urban Outfitters, the BDG Washed Out Shirt in red. The price is quite affordable at $59 here.

Maria :D

Do not take without proper credit!
Image Credits: and Onstyle

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I put my focused more to find the small details also called accessories they are wearing in the MV for Rhythm Ta.  iKON is doing great job with a new music video, its feel like they are giving us job to do when they released something, you may have that our page is full of iKON^^ 
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Donghyuk is wearing a Jordan Jump Man Wristband by Air Jordan.  The wristband its actually two toned color with black and red but it seems hard to see it when the jersey is red too. The basket jersey that they are wearing is customized by YG themselves, its inclued iKON's logo and the members name on the back. Buy your wristband here.

Bobby is wearing a Nike Swoosh Headband. Comes in both black and white. Buy it here.


Bobby's snapback is a Billionaire Boys Club Arch Logo New Era Snapback.  I think Claire mention something about it in the first post of Rhythm TaBuy it here.

I saved the best for last picture. It's two basketballs included in the MV, so now you can make your on fanmade MV.
Just kidding stay tuned in on K-world Style for post by iKON and other artists.

The yellow basketball is Glow in the dark basketball by Spalding and the black/gold is Spalding Highlight Outdoor Basketball.

Buy Glow in the dark and Highlight Outdoor Basketball.


Thanks for this time^^

Do not take without proper credit!
Image Credits: YG Entertainment, Spalding,, Billionaire Boys Club, Nike,
Hello everyone! It's been long since I posted :X
iKON has released yet another music video for 'Rhythm Ta', and I gotta say I actually prefer this concept than 'Airplane' and 'My Type' simply because the bass beats are slightly stronger than the two others - which are more soulful and melodic - and it is more dubstep-ish...? (I suck at describing music)
Anyway let's go straight into the fashion finds!

Army of Me T-Shirt by Hood By Air (HBA)
Click here to buy.
Comes in a sweatshirt, and also in green.
 Hello readers,

We are pleased to announce that K-world Style now has an Instagram account! If you prefer using Instagram to be updated on K-pop fashion, please make sure follow us at

Alex and I were discussing K-pop fashion and he showed me a couple of really good blogs that are based on Instagram, so it's about time we made one. This website has over 2,000 posts in total since 2009, so we thought it was best if we just started posting with more recent finds from this month (September 2015).

Thank you for all your support and hope our opening of an Instagram account will be more convenient for many of you. Enjoy and happy blogging!

٩(๑˃ᴗ˂)و Shelley

As I promise you guys that more finds will be out, here is my second post for iKON's 'Airplane'. This time with more clothes and more members, lets check it out. 

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First out is B.I wearing a shirt from the Japanese brand Wacko Maria with the text "There Is Always Sunshine In My Heart" unfortunately the shirt is sold out, so there is no buylink.

I will make a soft start with this brand new MV from iKON with their new song Airplane, I'm pretty sure that more finds will be out soon since I have comfirmed some pieces but haven't find any good site to buy yet. So until that time, check the other things below.

So lets start with Jinhwan, he is wearing a necklace called Feather Charm Pendant from AMBUSH. Im also sure what brand it is on the t-shirt he is wearing but that will be out in the post later. Buy it here.

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