A really late find. These finds are actually from a picture off Park Ji Yoon's Nylon July spread (the same issue that we published finds of Key, that yes were also late).

She was wearing the Handmade Curve Line Skirt (Pink) from Low Classic's F/W 2014 collection

Who: Exo's D.O
Where: 140930 at Cart Movie Press Conference
What: Neil Barrett's Contrast Panel Blazer purchaseable here.


Do not take without proper credit!
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hankyung, neil barrett

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T-ara's 'SUGAR FREE' finds continued!

Remember when I said there were knockoffs... so this is Qri wearing a pair of jeans "inspired" by Ashish's Blue Vogue Distressed Jeans. Take a look at the original pair here.
Going through this music video trying to make finds nearly gave me a seizure. I am so dizzy right now @_@ Just a note, most of these finds are T-ARA members wearing out-of-season knockoffs of the real thing. While I was eating dinner with two of my friends I brought this up because a famous group like them should be sponsored by designer brands. They said because of their scandals, Core Contents Media lost money and the companies they did CFs for pulled their contracts with them. Maybe that's a reason why they signed a contract with a Chinese entertainment company? My friends also joked that their stylists went to Hongdae for the trendy knockoffs~
Boram is wearing a Tom Ford dress [knockoff] from his F/W 2014 collection. No buylink but Ford said it sells for $6,500. Notice how the original design has sequins and hers doesn't. The stylists cut the front part of the dress to show off her legs.
In the last post we found Tiffany's dress from TTS' Guerilla Date.
We also found Taeyeon's dress/coat, which is the RHA5409 dress from Reneevon.
Buy it here

Who: SNSD's Tiffany
Where: Guerilla Date
What: Striped Tattoo Print Dress from Carven
Buy it here

Who: f(x)'s Victoria
Where: My Lovely Girl set (she said she'll make a cameo in the drama to support Krystal)
What: Blumarine F/W 2014 collection
Can't wait to see her in the dress

In our last post we talked about Ailee's J KOO dress and I also asked you guys if you remember who else wore the dress.
Did you guessed correctly?
It's SISTAR's Dasom (you can check what the other girls wore here)
Thanks to our lovely reader ddtgg we also found out that Brown Eyed Girl' Narsha wore the dress
So who wore it better?

Dasom, Ailee or Narsha

Two days ago, Ailee released a teaser video for her newest MV 'Don't touch me'.
Many jokingly said that it's a response to SISTAR's 'Touch my body'.
You probably already recognized the find because we posted it before.
Can you guess who else wore the lovely pink dress from J KOO's S/S 2014 collection?
(answer in the next Who wore it better?' hehe)

Who: KARA's Youngji
Where: Roommate season 2 preview pictures
What: Cartoon Pattern Dress from LAP
Buy it here
I really like this dress, is so colourful and fun :)

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