Ever since I was gone,I left a lot of draft laying around so I'll try to post them one by one and then I'll make new posts :(
Some of them are 'old' (4-5 months old) but hey, a find is a find, right?
This find is from Suzy's Domino Pizza CF, which you can watch here
Suzy's dress is the Open-back cotton dress from Carven's Resort 2014 collection

Hey guys, long time no see. Sorry about that but I needed a break.
Hopefully I'll start posting regularly again.

Now for the first finds we have Krystal which wears a top from one of my favorite collections from F/W Seoul Fashion week which is Arche.
The collection is really girly and feminine and I just couldn't wait to see a k-pop idol wearing something from the collection.
It seems Krystal (and her sister Jessica and Tiffany but we'll talk about that in another post) made my wish come true.
The photo is from Krystal's Etude House's promotional images for the newely released lipstick.

StyleNanda is a hugely popular Korean brand that has made multiple appearances on our site. 
Its make up range, 3 Concept Eyes, has three different theme colours: Pink, Orange and Beige.
Today, I'll be sharing you some of the things I picked up while I was in Seoul.
As you can see below, I'm going with the pink theme.
Here we have two more Red Velvet members debuting on this website!

At the 140821 SBS Cultwo Radio Show, Red Velvet's Irene and Joy (both on the right half of the picture) are wearing clothes from a Korean brand called O!Oi.

Irene is wearing the FAKE COLLAR T-SHIRT (buy here).

Joy is wearing the PLAYGROUND ONE-PIECE in wine which is sold out but take a look here if you want. 
Ϛ⃘๑•͡ .̫•๑꒜ℒℴѵℯ❤ Shelley
Do not take without proper credit!
Image Credits: SBS, O!Oi

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Red Velvet's Seulgi
We don't actually want the Jung sisters to die! It's a pun because the name of the bags they're wearing has German in it and since "die" is "the" in German, the title is actually "The Jungs". (Also EXO released their "DIE JUNGS" photobook if that has to do with anything) Now that we clarified ourselves, let's move on to the actual find.

Adorable f(x)'s Luna was nominated by IU to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (if you'd like to learn more about it or make a donation, click here)
FINALLY! We haven't had any B.A.P posts in like... almost a year. It pained me as much as it pained K-world Style readers who are BABYz. I feel bad for not being able to ID anything from their comebacks in the past year, so here's an attempt to redeem our lack of posting B.A.P on this site. I will introduce a brand that they endorsed this past year called Skoolooks

WARNING: Image heavy
Our first Red Velvet post yay!
Henry's single 'Fantastic' continued, except instead of teaser photos these finds are from the music video itself!

Judging by Henry's collar we can tell he is wearing the Vine Print Shirt by Alexander McQueen. Buy (or take a look) here.
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